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Help me find a company to develop a facial recognition application

posted Jul 31, 2022 16:37:39 by Godrik45245632
We need help finding a company that develops face recognition applications. The application will be used to enhance security at the company. As well as for access to certain data.
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Godrik45245632 said Jul 31, 2022 16:38:53
Encryption methods are not important to us, the most important thing is that everything works perfectly. So it doesn't matter if you encrypt the data to be transmitted via bcrypt or just using a double key.
Godrik45245632 said Jul 31, 2022 16:41:45
Found the answer to my question, if anyone is interested, here it is.
You then need to order the development of companies that have already done approximate work. Since you need increased security for the application, as well as for the system to quickly and accurately recognize faces. Which is very important at the moment. You can apply to this company for the development of an application for facial recognition They have a sufficient number of highly qualified specialists in this area of development.
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