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Money online

posted Jan 07, 2021 16:00:12 by maxiposik
I know there are a lot of opportunities to work remotely now, but all of them need special skills. I do not have any. I worked as a postman before, but they fired me when the pandemic started. So, the only thing I can go is play computer games. How can I make money online?
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hey_trey said Jan 08, 2021 08:16:06
Hello, friend! Do not worry, it is quite a common problem among young people nowadays. If you have a strong mental health - you can try gambling, but do not think you will earn a lot on it. Try to play for fun, and at least you will not lose. I play at weekends on This is a reliable platform to start with. Choose the games you are good at and have fun and make some money!
AliceBrent3 said Feb 28, 2021 11:35:04
This topic is actually relevant. I advise you to take a closer look at this. There are many good sites that can be considered as a side job, for example, house of jacks. I usually advise all beginners to start with online slots. This is the easiest and safest type of gambling. It seems to me that this gives more chances in the online version than a real slot machine.
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