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What strains of marijuana have you tried?

posted Apr 10, 2020 04:16:01 by Carolin64624601
Hello! Please tell me which strains of marijuana have you tried to treat anxiety and what can you recommend to an inexperienced person to treat stress? I am waiting for your suggestions...
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AnnyKeys said Apr 10, 2020 04:45:07
You know, it is necessary to distinguish the degree of stress and of course different nervous tension requires different treatment. I think you should read the expert blog about acdc strain and consider this option. In fact, a doctor's consultation is not required, but to get the best result in stress therapy, it will be helpful to talk to your doctor.
AliceBrent3 said Jan 05, 2021 19:53:54
marijuana has always been a well-known and sought-after plant. However, most people knew that marijuana can give fun and only)) But cannabis has many medicinal properties. Scientists have proven this in practice when they invented the best CBD oil UK. I believe this herbal remedy has made the lives of hundreds of thousands of people easier by this time.
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