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Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

posted Nov 01, 2019 12:58:25 by petssaw
Best Outdoor Dog Kennels
Several months ago my wife and I became part of a dog rescue organization to help with dogs that have been neglected or abused. We foster one dog at a time and take care of any health issues they have until they can be adopted.

Although we love each dog we have, it wasn't long before we realized we definitely needed a dog kennel. We had more accidents in our home than we liked.

We knew we wanted to build our own outdoor dog kennel and had to decide how we would go about finding the right plans for us. We talked to our local hardware store owner who suggested going online to find one that would suit our needs. We found out that there are so many types of kennels to choose from. With so many choices we had to narrow it down to what would work best for the dogs we fostered. We decided to find one that would be big enough for any size dog and one that had a dog run as well.

Once we had the design picked out, we had to figure out what kind of materials we would need. We wanted to make sure that our dogs would be comfortable and feel secure.
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