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Checking potential crew lore

posted Mar 27, 2014 21:31:43 by ArtemisIDC
Hey guys.
I'm interested in Artemis and I was thinking about trying to set a crew up as an extracurricular activity at my school. I've got some lore for my crew planned and I just wanted to make sure that it doesn't conflict with any official game backstory. If you could help me make sure that any of this isn't just blatantly wrong, that'd be great!

Artemis Interstellar Defense Co.: A small business with one defense craft, a handful of crew on rotating positions and just enough cash to get by for the Interstellar Defense market. Having a very small HQ based in an abandoned school along England's Tees River, the HQ receives orders and coordinates movements of the craft which are then relayed to the Crew.

ADS Alpha: The company's only useful asset besides its building. ADS stands for Artemis Defense Craft, indicating that it is a space-traversing vehicle owned by Artemis (real reason: if there are in-game hails and they call us "Artemis," I want it to be canonical with our little setup. They'd be meaning that we're a ship belonging to Artemis Defense). The vehicle is actually very small, the interior resembling more of an Earth school computer lab than an actual spaceship.

Alpha Crew: The crew on board the ADS Alpha. Orders come from HQ to the Senior Crew Member who leads outside of missions (and on missions when he/she is assigned to the captain's role), who provides a briefing before the beginning of each mission and helps each crew member through finding their specialty post, doing pre-launch checks, etc., etc., basically making sure they don't all die in a horrible, fiery accident. Crew rotate stations every mission which usually come in once a day and while in spaceflight the Captain calls the shots whatever their status in the company with the Senior Crew Member advising.

Considered lore: Space Tours: When AIDC needs a bit of extra dough, they reserve a mission slot for a guided tour of space. (This basically translates to: we invite people to come and watch us play, guiding them through an easy mission, and purposefully trying to start trouble - that we can win easily - with the enemy AI. Hopefully, we'll put on a performance, the audience will get to see some spaceships crash into each other for a bit and an explosion or two, and everyone goes home happy.)

If Artemis becomes an activity, I'm thinking that this could be fun and would give other students something to do besides loiter in various places around the school which teachers don't seem to appreciate for whatever reason.

- Artemis Defense
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ArtemisIDC said Mar 27, 2014 21:39:57
Agh, forgot to mention: I've come up with a new stardate system I'm planning on using. It's formatted like this:


where "273" (pronounced twenty-seven-three) is the day-month i.e. the 27th of March (27-3), "10014" is the year (canonically taking place in the year 10014 [pronounced] plus one for every real-world Earth year that passes) and "4p" would mean 4:00 PM. For times before noon, like 4:00 AM, "4a" would be written.

10014 is basically supposed to be the future equivalent of 2014 and 9973 in my sig is 1973, but in the future.
Artemis Interstellar Defense Company: Saving you and your cash since 9973!
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