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Bridge versus Bridge Maps

posted Jul 30, 2013 02:13:58 by Charlie
Bridge vs Bridge Maps

To start and use these maps as intended: Use the mainscreen as a close range scanner and LRS for long range scans. (Do not use the science or captains maps)

All players prepare and DO NOT PRESS READY TO PLAY yet.

Step 1: Start server and PAUSE SIMULATION.
Step 2: All vessels other than Artemis hit READY TO PLAY.
Step 3: All Artemis crew hit READY TO PLAY.
Step 4: RESUME SIMULATION. (Match has begun)

Maps: With full warp
Map 1:
Map 2:
Map 3:

Maps with impulse only in close combat:

Map 1 Impulse Combat: Last update: 7/31/13
This map will put the Intrepid, Horatio and the Hera on the same team as well as Artemis, Aegis and Excalibur. This will allow a fleet to fly in formation at warp speed.
Here is a link to our newest video of a BvB match on this map!

Map 3 Impulse Combat:

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Charlie said Jul 31, 2013 16:55:07
Had a download on Bridge Map 1 and remembered that I had changed the Hera to be a neutral ship if playing with Artemis Intrepid and Hera to make three teams for a match the other night. Re-download this map to fix or know that Hera will be impulse only near Artemis or Intrepid.
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