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Android custom network port

posted Jul 25, 2013 20:47:32 by stadred
Hi all, I wan't able to find a reference to this through a search, but is it possible yet to change the network port on the android version? I'm running a server using port 8000, and trying to type <ipaddress>:<port> doesn't seem to work, partly because teh ":" is changed to a ";". Is this a feature still in development?
Thanks for your time.
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RussJudge said Jul 26, 2013 13:00:21
Since the port is stored in artemis.ini, and since the data files for Artemis appear to be inaccessible in the Android version, I doubt that the current version will allow modifying this in the Android version. Your only solution may be to change the server to use the default port, at least until the Android version is updated to allow modifying the port that is used.
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stadred said Jul 26, 2013 13:23:49
Ah well. I thought as much, but hoped that there was a round-about way. Thanks for the response!
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