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Scripted SystemDamage

posted Jul 24, 2013 10:22:29 by TravisHead
Has anyone played with SystemDamage fields at all?
I'm having some issues understanding how they stack multiple objects (torpedoes in my current instance).

It seems setting the first couple of tubes to damaged is reflected in game but it is not an exact science.
When I set multiple tubes to be damaged I seem to get 0, 50, or 100% damage on the Light Cruiser.
When I use the heavier ships the tubes are less damaged (logical).

So far I have been using trial and error to get the settings I want but without understanding the science behind it I feel I have far too many lines of code and am not able to properly control the mission impact should the player select a different ship type.

Is there someone that breaks down how these properties impact the game so I can wrap my head around this?
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Mike_Substelny said Jul 30, 2013 15:06:55
It has to do with the number of nodes on the ship's Damage Control screen. When you set the grid damage you are damaging specific nodes, so if a ship has two torpedo nodes and one is 100% damaged then the ship's torpedo systems will be operating at 50%.
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TravisHead said Jul 30, 2013 16:13:13
Unfortunately I don't have my notes from that mission but I started tracking what results I had from each setting.

What it comes down to though is that if I want to set Warp to say 25% (or one node damaged, all others offline) I was not able to reproduce this on all ships.
I assumed other ships might have more or less but there are three possible locations (top, left, front) and no indication about which ships have how many nodes in what locations.

I was hoping there was a breakdown of what ships have what nodes in what locations but short of mapping them one at a time via trial and error I couldn't find any help.
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