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[Mission] Wargames (BvB Fleet Action)

posted Jul 23, 2013 22:11:38 by xavierwise.tsn

Wargames is a new BvB mission script (click the title to get the script). It is designed for two teams to fight it out against one another. You can have anything from 1v1 to 3v3 or any variation (1v2, 2v3, 1v3 etc). Each ship is allocated a team. Below are the lists of which ships will be on which team.

Team 1 - Artemis, Aegis & Excalibur (Home starbase; DS-225)

Team 2 - Intrepid, Horatio & Hera (Home starbase; DS-962)

If you want to play 1v1, then pick Artemis and Intrepid. For 2v2 pick Artemis, Intrepid, Aegis and Horatio. As more ships join each team, additional bases will be activated with stocks of ordnance.

Up to five people are needed per ship - Captain, Helms officer, Science officer, Weapons officer and Engineering officer (Comms officers are not required).

On the map, bases are surrounded by defensive minefields. A marker indicates the entry and exit point to the base. When a ship from your team approaches this point, the mines will be removed to allow you to pass. They will be replaced as you move away. Should an enemy approach, the mines will not be removed. There are also other "hazards" to avoid; one nebula will disrupt your warp drive, another is full of space monsters and there are numerous asteroid fields. The black holes are also something to dodge around.

Your objective is simple - destroy the enemy team. When all ships on one team have been destroyed, the match will end.

Follow the instructions below to run the simulation correctly:

1. Setup the server
2. All players join. At least one player per ship must have a Mainscreen selected.
3. Ensure no player has "Ready to play" selected
4. Run the simulation
5. Players click "Ready to Play" and join the game

When all players are in, a pop-up message will give you instructions on how to begin the BvB match. (Note; any and all Helms and Weapons officers should press the Z key when instructed to ensure the match begins correctly.)

If any player experiences a glitch, e.g. the map is not displayed properly, then they must simply drop back to the console selection screen then rejoin.

Any feedback would be great!
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Charlie said Jul 24, 2013 00:26:54
Looking forward to first match!!!
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