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Artemis 2.0 screenshots

posted Jul 22, 2013 18:17:51 by ThomRobertson
Artemis V2.0 is fast approaching, so I wanted to finally unveil the V2.0 UI re-design.

As you can see, not everything is changed, but everything looks and works better.

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chrismdp said Jul 22, 2013 19:12:10
Love the new UI! Also excited about the new features these screenshots show off, especially the science information you can find out.

I wonder how the scanning now works? Will it be like a tree structure (almost like a Civ tech tree): you need a basic scan, which then allows you shield scans, or weapon scans, which then allow more sophisticated scans on particular components? Or alternatively, you can choose to effectively trawl the archives for the more touchy feely information like captain background checks?

Captain said Jul 22, 2013 19:17:26
Like it a lot. What is the store?
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squrlmstr said Jul 22, 2013 19:30:28
The new UI is looking great!

Will PVP have online matchmaking or is everything still LAN based?
stonefish said Jul 22, 2013 22:13:40
Ceres and Diana? I can get behind that. That brings the player limit up to a rather large 48, or 58 if you're crazy and you play with an Admiral and a GM and a Fleet Liason Officer in each ship
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Gaikokujin said Jul 23, 2013 00:42:00
Oh my. You should have showed these first, THEN asked how much we'd be willing to pay! Jokes aside, this looks great! @Captain, I think Store is probably engineering presets if I had to guess.
ChrisHayes said Jul 23, 2013 01:02:29
Very nice! I'm really liking how cleaned up it looks. I especially like the new camera selection interface. It looks much more intuitive.
ChristianWilson said Jul 23, 2013 01:12:58
Looks very nice!

One request for the Engineering station, though...

Can we get icons for each system on the Damage Control diagram, rather than generic blue/red dots?

It would be nice to tell at a glance which systems are damaged and prioritize repairs without having to click on every single damaged component to find the engines/weapons/whatever.
TaigiaReilly said Jul 23, 2013 04:15:51
As much as I like the improvements to everything, I feel disappointed in Comms. My whole crew and I were hoping for a redesign. Some way to be better equipped to ask for surrenders and get information.
JoeGreene said Jul 23, 2013 05:24:38
Drool.. I want the new Controls.INI ooptions.. crossing fingers for advanced engineering and science controls options.. regardless I'm seriously jazzed about this.
erickrarick said Jul 23, 2013 05:35:19
I would hope that eventually, Comm gets a map based interface like science has... they would see a long range scan style map, and ships/stations would get highlighted or blink or something with a comm from it is available (your own ship would blink/highlight if the comm is from within).

The officer could then click on the ship/station to get a menu of communications from that target - much like Science can click a target to get the scanner info on it.

I think this would make it more engaging in combat scenarios... the comm officer can keep an eye on the enemy ships in the immediate area for surrender/taunt messages.

At the risk of it being a redundant style, it would just make it more visually engaging...
stonefish said Jul 23, 2013 08:46:04
So comms still doesn't have text chat? Engineer still doesn't have system icons? Coolant still doesn't have a "straight to zero" button?

I'm not sure if anyone actually got around to asking for that last bit, but if they didn't, I'm asking now :)

(The phaser frequency and helm/weapon zoom buttons could be larger too. I always find they're a little finicky.)
sayabodohproductions said Jul 23, 2013 09:42:08
I'm guessing Tube 2 doesn't take longer to load cos the bar is longer right?
AdmlBaconStraps said Jul 23, 2013 15:52:33
Looking great, can't wait for this to be available.
DomC said Jul 23, 2013 18:49:46
Captain, it looks like those are now onscreen buttons for storing engineering presets, rather than just having them be hotkeyed. This is a MAJOR boon for tablet players! Thanks Thom!!
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Captain said Jul 23, 2013 19:01:04
I see. Very nice. Can't wait.
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