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New mission for Star Trek TNG v2 mod--still in beta so guinea pigs if you please!

posted Jul 20, 2013 18:59:10 by NickolasRGustum
This is the second in a three part series (still not happy enough with part 1 to post it for beta)

Temporal Defense Pt 2:

You are the Daedalus, the Federations first temporal defense vessel built in Section 31 to combat the growing threat of Romulan timeline tampering. After returning from your first successful temporal jump mission--preventing the Enterprise from being destroyed in the Delta Quadrant during first contact with the Borg, you discover that you overshot your jump coordinates by three years and your absence has caused irreparable damage. Daedalus emerges in a warzone--the last stand of the Federation against a Borg invasion. Can you turn the tide of the battle?

Think I worked out all of the crash bugs--your feedback is appreciated!



You will probably need to use an admiral grade ship, my crew did it with the Prometheus class.
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MarkBell said Jul 22, 2013 13:22:31
Woot! That's exciting! There's something thematically appropriate about posting time travel missions out of order :)

I'll check it out as soon as I can get a few together.
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