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DMX outputs

posted Jul 18, 2013 11:13:21 by Vic

I just started building a medium sized cockpit room in my attic (A/C was switched on last night!). The room would be used for games, such as X3, Star Citizen, and possibly Artemis.

I have not played Artemis yet, and was hoping someone would answer a couple questions for me about the game.

1. Can the main view screen be set as a cockpit view? (Every image or movie I have seen has the main ship on it as 3rd person view).

2. What are the DMX outputs? I know a few, but a more complete list list may help encourage me with the interactive cockpit build.

3. Lastly, your opinion on Artemis versus X3 Terran conflict (or Albion Prelude). X3 is very immersive, however it is really only a single player game. (Some controls could be peeled off into a 'helper' console though.)

4. Can the spectator mode be setup to a specific camera angle? (I would like to use 3 widescreen TV's as forward and side views)

thanks so much.
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Mike_Substelny said Jul 18, 2013 13:57:39
1. Yes, you can change the position of the camera by editing the configuration file.

4. The Observer mode switches camera positions on its own. I don't think you can control it. But many players have asked to be able to permanently set up side views so I expect this feature will be added eventually.
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MarkBell said Jul 18, 2013 20:42:42
1) The cockpit view can also be enabled by turning off 3d render in the server options once a game starts instead of changing the default camera distance (which also works).

2) Check out the several DMX threads in the Hardware section, there are a lot of interesting builds there. The current list of triggers can be found int the DMXcommands.xml file in your Artemis/dat folder.
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