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Crew numbers and Scale

posted Jul 17, 2013 02:29:55 by MarkBell
Sorry if this gets a little on the ramble-y side, I'm tired :) So, as a general ship nerd, I was wondering the scale of the Artemis Light Cruiser, the space stations, the number of crew, etc. Here's what I came up with.

Looking at the model and the scaling factor in the vesseldata.xml file, the Artemis is about 100m long and 50m wide, it's about 20m tall. At 3m per deck, you could get in 6 decks with a meter of hull plating on top and bottom. Eric mentioned that since asides from the 6 standard bridge crew, Engineering has 3 teams of 6 crew working for them - if the other 5 officers had 3 teams of 6 as well, that would put the ship crew at 3 teams x 6 crew x 6 officers = 108 crew + 6 Bridge officers = 114 crew. Let's round up to 120. 120 crew on a ship ~1/3 the size of the classic 1701 Enterprise (crew of 430) sounds about right.

The station's primary habitat ring is 500m across and 2-ish decks tall, the other two rings being about 300m across and 2-ish decks. The central spine is about 50m in diameter and 60 decks tall. Figure it's about as densely packed as Artemis, volume wise (at 120 people and 100m x 50m x 6 decks for a very ballpark cube, 20 crew/deck, 250 sq m / crew). Also, instead of calculating the volume of each habitat ring, I used the 4 "wings" on each ring instead. Each wing section (12 total of them) is ~50m x 50m x 2 decks. So, 12 wings x 50m x 50m x 2 decks = 60,000 sq m in the wings. pi*(25 m)^2 x 60 decks = ~118,000 sq m in the central spine. 178,000 sq m / (250 sq m / crew) = 712 crew. Lets round up to 750; each station has over 6 times the crew on the Artemis. 3,000 people to save in each sector with 4 bases. Seems reasonable to me, at least. Thoughts?

I would presume most of the 750 on each station are the poor schmucks who are desperately shoving nukes into your torpedo tubes :)
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Captain said Jul 17, 2013 04:03:45
sounds good to me. My question is why. In the current game there is no reason to know that. If medical is added then you might need to know crew numbers. But what other reason. (I personally find it interesting but I want to know WHY)
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Isaac Asimov
MarkBell said Jul 17, 2013 04:10:26
Why not?

Why is it important to know the motivations of the invading aliens or the reason TSN ships look similar regardless of they have jump drives or warp engines? It adds flavor, and a bit of a reference point. "Hundreds of people on that station..." "Dozens of crew on your ship" etc - reference point.

And, like I said, I'm a bit of a ship nerd. :)
Captain said Jul 17, 2013 04:14:26
Hmmm. Fair enough. I think the other things mentioned are more relevant to understanding the game. Crew numbers aren't important as you are the bridge not the crew. However it would be nice to have some info in the manual on that. Just which there would be a practical purpose. So could we turn this thread into finding said purpose?
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And the hope that the war against folly may someday be won, after all

Isaac Asimov
MarkBell said Jul 17, 2013 09:58:25
I figure it's interesting info about the ship and stations. Part of your crew's motivation to succeed is that there are thousands of lives depending on you and your decisions. I'd figure that's pretty relevant to the game :) also, the fact that you are heavily outnumbered by both number of enemy ships and people you are saving - there's no real way for the Artemis to just grab everyone on a dying station and drop them off at another, there's just not enough space on the ship.

I'm not saying this is critical information that every crew needs to know by heart, just an interesting reference point for role playing and immersion.
JanxJelantru said Jul 17, 2013 13:30:14
crew count could become important in missions. Say the artemis has 100 crew. Every time major damage happens, some crew die. It's even possible a hit to the bridge could take out a crewman and their station goes dark for a few moments while another crewman takes their place.

the captain's score would be affected by how many crew survived.

Mike_Substelny said Jul 18, 2013 13:31:29
I do believe that eventually crew compliments will be a factor in the Artemis game. It may take a while, but eventually Science scans should show the number of life forms aboard a scanned ship, and Communications should receive casualty reports from your own ship and friendly ships & bases. That would add to the tension of the game.
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MarkBell said Jul 18, 2013 20:43:41
That would be sweet, no joke. "Captain, casualty reports coming in from all decks!"
EricWethington said Jul 18, 2013 21:37:26
"Deck four has hull breech! Crew casualties, captain!
"What's on deck four?"
"Armaments and fuel captain" - ship shows random loss of a ECM/Nuke/Torpedo/Mine/Energy
"Deck sealed until DAMCOM team arrives"
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
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