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Artemis 2.0; How much?

posted Jul 16, 2013 19:28:09 by ThomRobertson
Since the release of V2.0 is getting close, I can no longer avoid a major decision; how much, if any, to charge for the upgrade.

In the three years I've been selling Artemis, I've never charged for an upgrade. But I never promised this would always be my policy. There are good reasons to charge; there are good reasons to NOT charge. I've been wrestling with this decision since I decided to work on V2.0.

Right now, my tentative plan is to charge new bridge licences the same $40us price, and give existing game owners a coupon for $35us off. This means existing owners would pay $5us for the V2.0 upgrade. This upgrade coupon would apply to the digital download, not the boxed copy.

Please let me know what YOU think of this choice. Your good will and opinion means a lot to me.
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Jonathan said Jul 16, 2013 19:40:55
This sounds like a really fair decision. I would joyfully pay $5 for an upgrade to the new version. Truthfully, I would pay $10-$15 without complaint. More than that would be a drag since I'm a pretty new player. This is perfect timing, my crew is planning to get together to play next in late August. I can't wait!

Will there be new missions to highlight the new changes?
CaptainZach said Jul 16, 2013 19:44:49
Charge. I would gladly pay for an upgrade, it sounds like 2.0 Artemis is almost a new game.
anthony.j.deschamps said Jul 16, 2013 20:37:07
I agree with Jonathan. I bought the game a month or two ago, so I wouldn't want to pay full price again, but I'd be willing to pay more than $5 for such a major update.
MarkBell said Jul 16, 2013 21:08:17
5$ sounds more than reasonable as an upgrade to me.
boydell said Jul 16, 2013 21:23:34
$5, you bet. Charge $10 or $15 even. Or maybe let people pick how much over $5 to pay. If your current shopping cart system would not support that, perhaps set up a paypal donation link or something.
xavierwise.tsn said Jul 16, 2013 21:37:26
These people obviously fancy paying the money. However, some may not. Why not set up a "donation" system, where you can get it free or give a suggested donation of $5? That way, those above who would gladly pay $10 - $15 will do so (and have that option), whereas those who would be put off at an additional charge after buying the game would be able to make that choice not to pay. With the enthusiasm above, it might actually end up evening out without any risk of losing players.

In addition, there may end up being a "divide", particularly with the online community, with those playing 1.702 who dont want to pay and those who are playing the new 2.0 who are willing to pay, or have friends willing to share a free copy. Such as split in the community might eventually disappear, however it would be around for a time at least.
DanRobertson said Jul 16, 2013 21:41:45
I would be OK with anything up to 10 bucks for so much new goodness.

If you expect more than what you paid for (the current version of the game) you have a problem living in reality.

V2.0 is pretty much a new product, you could call it a sequel if you wanted and giving current owners a big break in the price is fair.

For real though, if you can't come up with 5 bucks from your whole crew for Thom than good riddance.
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badgeguy said Jul 16, 2013 22:07:26
I agree with all sentiments made here. $5 is very reasonable and will pay that in a heartbeat. $10 is more than fair as well.

The donation idea has some merit to it as you have been very trusting in the past and the community, to my knowledge, has been very honest as well. Perhaps the donation method would even net more than the $5 suggested price. As an example of honest communities, you might wish to look at how Cards Against Humanity did with their "pay -what-you-want" promotion for their Holiday Expansion pack (, if you are considering it.

Either way, you will be getting some money from me. You have definitely earned it.
erickrarick said Jul 16, 2013 22:13:14
I've got $5 with your name on it.
SigbiornSigmundarson said Jul 17, 2013 00:30:45
^^^What they said^^^
BrianHenry said Jul 17, 2013 00:47:36
I'm also in favor of the $35 coupon/$5 upgrade plan!
ChrisHayes said Jul 17, 2013 01:06:04
$5 sounds very fair to me. I am a gamer on a budget, and I'm very conscious about how I spend my gaming money, but I'm also for fair pricing and getting paid for work that you do, and $40 for the "base game" with a $5 upgrade for existing owners sounds very fair to me. Especially since there's far more gameplay hours in Artemis than in 75% of the $60 games out there.
Captain said Jul 17, 2013 03:53:18
I am going to disagree. I would say $5 is fair but that new buyers should pay $45. That way everyone pays the same rate. Anyways can't wait.
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AdmlBaconStraps said Jul 17, 2013 08:22:18
That's totally fair Thom. You put in heaps of work on this and it's a MAJOR overhaul from the sounds of things.

What I'd really love to see implemented at some point would be a way to simply donate to you. I'd love to give you extra cash when I have it but as far as I can tell, the only way to do that is to buy additional licences..
semipro said Jul 17, 2013 10:13:06
Thom, Personally, I say charge the full amount. I for one would gladly pay it without complaint especially if the iOS and Android versions follow on in a short time frame. (Keeps the thinking to a minimum).

2.0 sounds like it is going to be a whole new ball game in many respect. Cant wait to see it.
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