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RGB LED strip integration

posted Jul 13, 2013 00:29:42 by animenanashi
Hello. I'm wondering if there is a way to use these RGB LED strips with Artemis. I figure there is probably a computer controller needed, but I figured with how popular they are, there might be someone who has already figured this out. The biggest problem is, I'm not sure what the name of this lighting system's standard is. Anyone know?
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MarkBell said Jul 13, 2013 09:44:45
What you may have to do with those is ditch the included controller and wire them to a DMX controller instead. If they run 12v common cathode (which many, but not all do) then it'll be a snap. There's no info on the control mechanism used here, but I've got a pack of under cabinet LED strips I picked up at Costco that were similar. I soldered them into a DMX box from HolidayCoro and they were good to go. YMMV, as these might be common anode (judging be the rgb+ on the controller). The product info says these strips use smd5050 LEDs, which I think are common anode.
animenanashi said Jul 13, 2013 20:06:25
Awesome! So I've poked around the Holidaycoro website a bit. It looks like this kit has everything I'll need plus a few extra light strips. Does this look right? I was having trouble finding something that had a USB cord hanging out of the other end.
MarkBell said Jul 13, 2013 20:11:02
Yeah! That looks like it should do it. That USB dongle is what I use, and it's worked great with my (and several other people in the forum) DMX setup.
animenanashi said Jul 13, 2013 20:55:49
Awesome. I'll pick one up and post on the results. Thanks a lot!
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