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Multiple Visual Views (Closed)

posted Jul 09, 2013 19:54:31 by Thorn
Is there a way to get multiple views of the Main screen/visual? Our pilot/tac officer frequently likes to changes views because -they- want to see what is in front/side/rear but the Captain wants to see a different view. Ideally I would like to have a second monitor for the helm so they can always have a visual view along side their instrument view. Does anyone already implement something like this or have ideas on how to go about configuring local views apart from the main screen?
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Charlie said Jul 09, 2013 20:52:49
Hello Thorn. I have a mainscreen, a second on the right and I plan on adding a third to the left. On occasion I run the server with the computer on the right and then I can use mainscreen as a front visual LRS or other stations if needed. This works quite well, I can then get mainscreen views on (screen 2) or the computer to the right. It is great to watch the missiles track the targets. I plan on running a third monitor to the left which will be a second view of helm.
Good luck, Chas.
Charlie said Jul 09, 2013 21:55:25
My kid says DVI cable for second monitor on one PC.
Thorn said Jul 09, 2013 22:50:01
Charlie, thanks for the reply. I understand launching separate clients on different screens, but are you able to have one set 'Front' view and another set to say 'Rear' views... at the same time?
Charlie said Jul 10, 2013 04:15:45
With the setup I suggested you could put your mainscreen (this would actually be a client screen) set to a forward view. The screen to the right is what I call screen 2 (but this is actually the server), this now could be set to a rear view. I like doing this view for bombing runs, I see the approach and the rear view as we pass.

This is a video I made showing my mainscreen and my screen 2.
This I was running engineer on screen 2 but when running the server on the side screen I can set my center TV to a front view or I can have LRS and or captains map. If I nneded a tactical or a status it would show on screen 2.
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Thorn said Jul 10, 2013 05:38:59
Ever had one of those 'duh' moments? Thanks to Charlie again. Your setup has got me thinking about setups. Specifically that the server mainscreen doesn't always have to be setup up as the big screen at the front of the bridge. I owe you a drink next time you make it by DS2.


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