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Announcing an Artemis web series, Project Draco

posted Jul 08, 2013 15:59:29 by ThomRobertson
I've gathered an excellent local group of Artemis fans, and they've created Project Draco, an attempt to take Artemis videos to the next level. With support from me, they finished initial filming two weeks ago, and these two trailers are a taste of what we filmed and what will be coming shortly.

They would love your feedback, about 1) how the production could look even better, and 2) what sort of videos and plots you'd like to see this crew do in the future.

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JanxJelantru said Jul 15, 2013 15:32:18
Some more thoughts, mileage may vary of course:

It appears the show is likely to focus on playing the game, more than being a sci-fi show. Along that line, I'd advise approaching the acting as more like role-playing while playing the game, than actually Acting. So everybody acting like officers on the bridge of a Navy vessel or staff members at a meeting with the big boss. Basically, speak formally, address people by rank, position or last name. It won't be too hard to "act" like officers on a bridge, than it is to act specifically like a character such as Geordi LaForge or Data.

If you just filmed a game session of Artemis, I suspect it would be confusing to the spectator. Throw in some exposition, by way of the Captain's Log before the mission really starts, or by way of the Science officer explaining a bit of background on the Alien Race of the Week. Don't make it long or lengthy, but a little bit will set the scene, and keep the audience informed of why we're watching you kill Red Dots on the map.

What's the ETA on the first release?
JanxJelantru said Jul 17, 2013 19:37:22
Here's an extra idea I had from the recent Russian sci-fi convention thread:

how-to tutorials for each station, as run by each character.

Include a loop-able quick briefing that shows the basics of each station for use as a looper video at the front of the booth, to brief people while they wait to play the game at a convention.

This would help everybody running this as a convention event by supplying a polished, consistent presentation on the game.
EricWethington said Jul 17, 2013 23:43:33
I like the how-to tutorial idea
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Captain said Jul 18, 2013 00:06:29
Motion has been seconded. All in favor say aye.
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MarkBell said Jul 18, 2013 00:07:42
That's a great idea! Aye :)
JoeGreene said Jul 18, 2013 01:46:57
I was planning on making a tutorial module.. but now I shall await 2.0 first.
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