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TSN InConGruitous all weekend at InConJunction July 5-7

posted Jul 03, 2013 13:33:15 by JoeGreene
We'll be running a full bridge all weekend long complete with DMX lighting! For the techy minded.. this is an all Linux LiveUSB Fedora Spin which boots, and runs Artemis under wine. The server is also Linux with an openDMX adapter working under wine!

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niranth01 said Jul 03, 2013 14:38:04
Here is to hoping we make the trip this year. Lafayette is so close.
chrismdp said Jul 06, 2013 08:14:32
Sounds awesome. Have you any details about how you managed to get that adaptor working under Wine? If you do, I'd love to hear about it!

JoeGreene said Jul 08, 2013 21:05:12
I will post the details soon.. But there's a nasty catch.. It has to run as root *cringe* or Wine will not attempt to access the libd2xx direct hardware access libraries.
JoeGreene said Jul 08, 2013 22:57:57
1) Get the Linux FTDI Drivers here:
2) Obtain Gatopeich's D2xx Libas for wine here:
Follow his install instructions exactly... no joke, to the letter or it won't work.
3) Run 'wineconsole cmd' as any user, make sure the Artemis installer is available within wine and run it.
4) Copy the resulting .wine folder to whatever location you want to run wine from. (I like /opt/Wine_Artemis)
5) Chown said directory to root.
6) Plugin FTDI RS232 to DMX (OpenDMX) adapter.
7)rmmod ftdi_sio
8) as root, execute the command to run wine starting Artemis. (I can provide a script to help with this but it uses my directory structure)
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DeaneGeiken said Jul 09, 2013 15:29:31
Joe, it was a great time at InConJunction! I really enjoyed helping out! Looking forward to next year!

Commander -TSN Belisarius (BS 108)
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