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Serial Adventure

posted Jun 28, 2013 18:01:22 by silerdesign
Hi guys, I've just started writing a serial adventure for Artemis and I'd love your feedback on the first chapter. It's only in story form so far, and this will be my first foray into mission scripting. I'm not sure all of it's possible, but most of it should be. I've got a some skill in 3d modeling and hope to create a Jump Gate model for use in this adventure.

Black Skies
An Artemis Adventure

Chapter 1: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

We open on the Artemis patrolling a busy transport hub. Ships of all sizes are arriving and departing, and smaller vessels shuttle back and forth between several of the stations. Several jump gates circle in far corners of the sector, out of explosive range of the sector stations.

Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Good morning Artemis! This is sector traffic control, my name is Allan. I’ll be your contact through first shift, starting at zero three hundred this morning. I’ll be managing your flight patterns through the duration. We have ninety five inbound flights and one hundred and thirty four outbound flights scheduled for first shift. It looks like eight inbound flights require screening and only one outbound flight has been flagged for review. I’ll send over our screening list as soon as I’ve had my cup of mel. Proceed with general patrol at your leisure.

After 1.5 minutes, Coms receives the screening list, consisting of
Inbound Designation Outbound Designation
Rook Flight 435 PTR-15 Instar Flight ES24 CTR-81
Trinity Flight 13 CTR-22
Trinity Flight 81 CTR-38
Pegasus Lines Flight 232 PTR-65
Instar Flight AB13 CTR-24
Instar Flight CN21 CTR-30
Rings of Saturn Flight I29 PTR-13
Rings of Saturn Flight M312 PTR-90

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Data burst sent. PTR-65 should be our first arrival in 00:03 minutes. Destination: Ongbao Station, Designation: κ.

After 3 minutes, PTR-65 arrives through jump gate Nirvana.
PTR-65 will follow orders from Artemis.

Korvalis Station (incoming_message): PTR Six Five has arrived on schedule. Proceed with scan. Establish approach perimeter at 300 klicks to destination Kappa.

Failure to halt/scan PTR-65 at 300
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): TSN Artemis, we show negative scan on PTR Six Five outside designated perimeter. Please rescan within 150 klicks of destination Kappa.

Failure to halt/scan PTR-65 at 150
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): TSN Artemis, [annoyed] we have another negative scan on PTR Six Five. Please respond to their approach.

Failure to halt/scan PTR-65 at 0
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Artemis… what’s going on over there?! We have PTR Six Five arriving at destination without screening. Ongbao station will need to compensate with manual screen. This is going to take hours to clean up! I’ll be coordinating with your comms on further screenings. Please try to engage your scans with appropriate vectors.

Korvalis Station: (incoming_message): We have a good scan on PTR Six Five, Artemis. Repeat, good scan on PTR Six Five. I’ll coordinate with your coms on further screenings.

CTR-22 arrives via sub-light engines, 1.25 minutes after completion of PRT-65.
CTR-22 will follow orders from Artemis.

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): CTR-22 has arrived in the sector, Artemis. Please proceed with scan outside 200 klicks of station Persepolis, designation: Δ.

Failure to halt/scan CTR-22 at 0

If PTR-65 Failed
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Artemis! This is the second screening failure! CTR Two Two arrived at destination delta without screening. We’re dispatching a relief vessel for your discharge. Please proceed to holding pattern Oxford… I’ll be reporting this to TSN Command, Artemis. You need to work on coordinating your team.

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Afirmative scan on CTR-22.

Debris arrives 2.5 minutes after completion of CTR-22.

Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Uhh, Artemis… we’re showing sizable debris on path to interrupt approach pattern Geneva. Please intercept within four hundred klicks of Merona station, designation Gamma. You are authorized for weapons free outside five hundred klicks of Gamma.

Failure to Destroy Debris at 400
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Artemis, we have a negative on debris removal. We’re going to have to scramble Geneva approach. Please hold perimeter at two hundred klicks from Gamma. Weapons hold is required while we adjust. Repeat, weapons hold.

Success Before 400
Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Good splash, Artemis. We’ll maintain Geneva approach with current vectors.

Failure to Block Debris at 200
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Artemis, we haven’t completed the move of Geneva approach! That debris will tear those ships apart! Target and destroy the debris immediately! Weapons free! Repeat, weapons free!

Success at 200
Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Thanks a million, Artemis! Hope you’re not too dusted up. We’ll complete the move and establish a new designation.

Failure to Rescue Any Ship
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Dear God... That was the Optimus Express… There were 300 aboard… We’re going to have to call this in to TSN Command, Artemis. Please standby for search and rescue orders… Peace be upon you, Optimus.

Success Before Ship Destruction
Korvalis Station (incoming_message): Thank God, Artemis! That was close. Next time, let’s not let it progress that far. As it is, I think our repair crews are going to be banging some dents out of the hulls of those ships for a while.

CTR-81 departs Sigma 30 seconds after completion of Debris mini mission.
CTR-81 doesn’t respond to orders

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): No rest for the weary! CTR-81 is up on the docket, scheduled to depart Nüremburg Station (designation: Ʃ) in 00:00:30. Destination: Jump Gate Hades. Run thorough scan before jump.

Failure to Scan CTR-81 at 0 to Hades Gate
Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Artemis, CTR-81 just proceeded through the jump without clearing scan! We’ll need to alert Zurich sector… This is going in your performance review.

Success With Scan
Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): … Holy mother of crap, Artemis. CTR-81 is attempting to depart the sector with 8,000 kilos of Mercuried Pike Leaf. Halt CTR-81 before they depart the sector. Energy weapons are permitted. DO NOT USE LETHAL FORCE.

Failure to Halt CTR-81
Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Damnit, Artemis! There went enough drugs to render half the population of Mars into a drooling puddle! How are you going to lead the fleet into battle if you can’t even police a transport sector?!

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): Great job Artemis! We’re sending a team over to the disabled vessel to confiscate the contraband and begin a full investigation. I’ll be sure to let TSN Command know about this.

PTR-13 arrives through Jump Gate Olympus 1.5 minutes after completion of CTR-81.
PTR responds to all commands

Korvalis Station (incoming_comms_text): PTR-13 has arrived in the sector, Artemis. We’re getting a bit of interference with our radios over there. Please proceed with scan within 200 klicks of PTR-13 and direct them to Korvalis station, designation: Θ

PTR-13 Within 200
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Greetings Artemis. This is Rings of Saturn Flight I29, assignment PTR-13. We have a passenger onboard with an urgent message for you. She says it’s Priority: Ultraviolet. Please acknowledge.

Failure to Provide Acknowledgement in 1 minute
PTR-13 (incoming_comms_text): Artemis, we need some direction on how to proceed. Should we proceed to station?
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_coms_text): Still awaiting acknowledgement of urgent message, Artemis!}

Failure to Provide Acknowledgement in 5 minutes
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Artemis, our passenger tells us that your failure to respond has resulted in a serious fatal event and that your captain should proceed to dock with Korvalis Station for relief of command.
<end mission>

{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Roger that Artemis. Standby for Ultraviolet message.
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Hello Artemis. This is Marine Intelligence Agent Yaris, authentication five whiskey one alpha mike. TSN has a high priority escort in Haven sector that requires your assistance. No other ships are within range. This is priority one, time-sensitive. Proceed to Haven sector immediately. Change of orders confirmation one, six, niner, bravo. Confirm?

Failure to Confirm in 45 seconds
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Artemis! Your failure to confirm is going to cost us lives! Damn the confirmation! Get to Haven sector now! Proceed to jump gate Nirvana and get the hell out of here!

Failure to Jump at Nivana gate in 3 minutes
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Artemis, our passenger tells us that your failure to respond has resulted in a serious fatal event and that your captain should proceed to dock with Korvalis Station for relief of command.
<end mission>

Jump Through Nirvana Gate <3 minutes
<mission success>
Confirmation <45 seconds
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Roger that, Artemis. Proceed through jump gate Nirvana. We’ll coordinate with Korvalis station to clear the way.

Failure to Jump at Nivana gate in 3 minutes
{Scrambled military channel} (incoming_message): Artemis, our passenger tells us that your failure to respond has resulted in a serious fatal event and that your captain should proceed to dock with Korvalis Station for relief of command.

Jump Through Nirvana Gate <3 minutes
<mission success>
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ZacharyDanielBringham said Jul 01, 2013 15:39:14
Are you re-scaling the game for this mission? The main unit of Artemis is the meter, not the kilometer, and the map is only 100 kilometers/klicks across. There's been talk about rescaling by a factor of 1000 to change the main unit to kilometers, but it's been my experience that the ships get way too small to be seen well on the camera. Also, the engine wash animation doesn't scale, so I've had ships that you never actually saw, since they were overshadowed by the engine wash.
silerdesign said Jul 01, 2013 18:10:32
I wasn't planning to scale anything down, but scale a few models up (like the space stations) and slow all ships down to produce the illusion of larger scale. Nothing should appear distorted (except maybe the larger models), but the space should seem bigger. Players may have to keep conversion in mind though.
[Last edited Jul 01, 2013 18:11:56]
Mike_Substelny said Jul 02, 2013 12:45:03
The scale of the game doesn't really make sense in our universe. The unit of meters works for the digital 3D models of ships, sort of, but not for any time/space/movement in the game. That's why in the manual I started referring to the standard unit of μls (micro light second). That unit doesn't work either - - - in reality a μls is about 300 meters - - - but it's a science-fictioney term ahat is also vaguely military, and it *sounds* like it works.
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
ZacharyDanielBringham said Jul 02, 2013 15:41:38
Interesting concept. Scaling down the speed is a cool idea, and as long as you keep the size of the stations within reasonable limits, it should look fine.

Otherwise I really like the idea of this mission. It sounds like the kind of routine assignment that would be common between massive alien incursions.
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