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San Diego LAN Looking for artemis players!

posted Jun 28, 2013 19:25:11 by BrianKruise
We have 17 seats in my garage all with gigabit internet, power, tables and chairs. We have a projector and screen setup as well as the ability to record the play via We also have 4 spare computers that live in the LAN room just for gaming to loan out. We can fit another 8 people in the living room too.

I've been hosting normal LAN parties here for a couple years now and after learning about Artemis I jumped on board HARD being the big Trekkie I am.
We're looking to get two or three crews together for some harder game play scenarios, we can have a couple crews in the garage and one in the living room even.

Click on "events" for our next dates. If we get enough Artemis players We'll be hosting dedicated Artemis nights.

Photos of the LAN garage center:
You can see the "main screen" is projected on a screen mounted to the garage door.
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erickrarick said Jun 29, 2013 20:50:58

I'm in San Diego and very interested. I have my own laptop and Nexus7 to bring, as well as an additional monitor or 2.

I haven't had the chance yet to play much, but eager to jump into things.

Shoot me an email at

Looking forward to it!
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BrianKruise said Jun 29, 2013 21:18:25
Hello Erickrarick, you should check out the site: and click "events" to stay posted on our next LAN dates.
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