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Lt. Commander Artemus Cousland's Engineering Log

posted Jun 28, 2013 17:26:48 by ArtemusCousland
Hello, I am Lt. Commander Artemus Cousland, and I serve as the Engineer and Lead Scientist aboard the various ships of the USFP. This will serve as my personal journal and command log during the life and trials I face with my newly found bridge team. I am a veteran of two past crews, which have given me the experience necessary to take on real challenges.

Day I

Upon graduating the Academy with a nice 8 year completion in my desired field of Engineering and Mechanical Science, I received an assignment aboard the U.S.S. Full-Sail. We completed the simulation test and began to fly our own ship in real space. I'd mention our accomplishments, but I'm afraid that they weren't as many as our shortcomings. Our weapons man and Captain continually got into debates about safety and how energy consumption should be distributed, to the point where the bridge erupted into a brief physical conflict. The Captain stated his rank, and his position on the ship and gave an order which lost me 17 Dam-Con men and women, but we survived. After that, both the Captain and the Weapons Officer were eventually driven to Court-Martial for unnecessary loss of life, and charges of mutiny. The Helmsman, who had taken most of the Captain's fury during these arguments, ended up resigning permanently, and now resides with his family. We stopped talking.

I was decommissioned for a time, but not discharged. The USFP was convinced that after losing so many Dam-Con, I'd be mentally scarred and unfit for assignments in the future. I took monthly tests for the better portion of a year before I'd get reassigned to a new Command Squad. As I was 'recovering', the brass found it appropriate for me to become familiar with the new team. Apparently, a new line of spacecraft were becoming available for Captains, and it was integral that all bridge personnel be familiar with one another before approaching a new vessel.

When the Battleship was available, our team of three was selected to man it in a simulator called 'The Trials of Deneb'. I'd heard about this particular test from my previous experience, but never actually piloted through it. We gave it our best shot, but between the swarms of missiles, the constant cry of help from DS1, and the bouncing between 200 and 300 Energy, we succumbed to the onslaught. We swore we would do it again, and demanded that we were given another fair shot. So it was granted. About an hour after our failure, we instead opted for the Dreadnought class cruiser. While slow in maneuverability, the ship had an impressive array of shielding and weapons. We performed without a hitch. Everything was planned, executed, and displayed perfectly, whereupon the three of us were given the ranks we hold now. That was all yesterday.

Today, the group of us collaborated and moved in together. There's a long day ahead of us, and I have a feeling that we won't disappoint our superiors any longer. After a few simulation runs, we're set to actually launch. We haven't named our ship yet, as one hasn't quite been designated to us, but that's supposed to happen relatively soon.

Wish us luck!

- Artemus Cousland, Engineering
Lt. Commander
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