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[Mission] 2 new BvB maps

posted Jun 25, 2013 05:32:46 by Charlie
These maps should work for all ships. Aegis and Excalibur will default to the Artemis team and Horatio and Hera will default to team Intrepid.

To start a BvB Combat Scenario: All clients connect but DO NOT PRESS "Ready to Play" yet.
1: Start Host Server and pause simulation.
2: Hit "Ready to Play" with the Mainscreen of the Intrepid and the mainscreen of all ships.
3: Next all additional clients hit "Ready to Play" and simulation is ready to resume.
4: Resume Simulation when ready to begin.

Rules Recommended for BvB Combat:
1: Each ships Science Officer should have a mainscreen &/ or comm. Science must only use LRS and a view of the mainscreen to search for the opponent. This will allow each ship to evade each other in the nebulas.


BvB Map 3 Wormhole
This map has several wormholes that can be traversed to attack and evade the opposing team.

Latest update 6/28/13

BvB Map 3 Warp 1
This map will restrict warp engines upon approach of opposing vessels.

Latest update 6/24/13
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Charlie said Jun 28, 2013 04:17:34
Just found out that the A 5 wormhole was not working for Artemis. Is now fixed!
Re download!

Updated 6/28/13
Charlie said Jul 21, 2013 13:51:18
Both of these Maps the A 5 wormhole needed fixing! All done!!! Was sending Artemis and Intrepid to wrong spots!

Updated: 7/21/13
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