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Creating Custom Ships

posted Jun 24, 2013 20:03:29 by BrianHopple
I'm looking for more information on creating custom ships. I have the 1.50 ship Editor, but It could use a txt file with about double the current instructions. Is there any additional information available?

For Example: Does adding a Main Beam also add that weapon to my ship, or does this merely represent systems and targeting computers et al but not the actual "barrel?"

Also: what is the difference between the three different beam weapons listed in the properties of each ship?

Also: I can assign points to the grid (tubes, F. Shield...) Most make sense, but what are "A" and "B?"
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BrianHopple said Jun 24, 2013 20:04:19
Also: What is Tactical?
ZacharyDanielBringham said Jun 25, 2013 15:19:11
In the ship editor, all you can do is add systems to the ship, not the physical weapons. Now, if you don't add a warp system or shields, for example, your ship won't have either, but for weapons you have to add those in the vesseldata file or by using the mod creation of the Artemis Mod Loader.

A and B, as I understand it, are placeholders for future development.

Tactical is basically the functions of the science station, IE scanning.
JSpaced said Jun 26, 2013 11:22:52
Hi Brian,
To clarify, because it took me ages to work this out:

Working on the interior editor does, as you say, put in the system but not the "barrel".

If a hit passes through your shields, it will damage whatever system is nearest that part of the mesh on the .snt file.

To put in the barrel, you have to use the yellow line/cross system on the exterior view. Move it with the W,A,S,D. Make a note of the x,y,z coordinates and put those into the <vessel> entry for your custom ship in the vesseldata.xml file. This is the point on the mesh that the beam comes out of and sets the middle of the firing arc too.

Also, if you want to do beams on the rear of your ship, hold the W key until the yellow line flips all the way over. You can't get to the rear of the ship via the A and D keys.

A and B I think are place holders.

I'd really love for Thom to release some more info on using the ship editor. It is billed as a rough and ready app, but it's all we have and is quite frustrating to try to use.
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