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Changing Player Model

posted Jun 22, 2013 00:12:12 by dkohanski
SORRY this is a very nooby question, but I'm trying to change the player model using Mark Bell's TNG mod. How can I do this? I use the mission editor software, but can edit code if I need to.
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MarkBell said Jun 26, 2013 19:01:35
Feel free to ask over in my mod section in the "Off-Topic" section, there are a few hints on installation etc. What precisely are you looking to do?
MarkBell said Jun 26, 2013 19:02:19
Also the Encounter at Farpoint Mission [TNG] works quite well.
MarkBell said Jun 26, 2013 19:44:46
Are you looking to force a particular type of ship? like make a player specifically choose the Galaxy or a Runabout? That can't be done directly at the moment. Mike Substelny suggested checking a player's starting torpedo loadout and ending the mission unless it matches the particular ship you've told them to choose, but upgrading mid-mission isn't currently possible.
dkohanski said Jun 27, 2013 23:20:44
Ahhhh thats what I was wondering. Okay thank you!
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