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Creating random nebula

posted Jun 19, 2013 20:40:01 by LtMattmoo
Not a full day into my first mission and I'm stumped. Can anybody enlighten me as to why, when fed randomly generated variables into every field, the create nebula command just keeps giving me a line of nebular from the north-east corner to the south-west?

I'm using random variables flawlessly elsewhere and I can't even for the life of me reproduce the same pattern by inputting co-ordinates and etcetera manually.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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badgeguy said Jun 21, 2013 02:16:26
Perhaps you could post some of your code and we can look to see what the issue might be. I am able, using variables, to create random nebula in my Invasion mission script. It could be something as simple as a typo, or an extra, unnecessary parameter. If you would prefer not to publicly post your code, let me know and I will send you my e-mail address.
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