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My Ship Build (First Release)

posted Jun 13, 2013 13:17:24 by Thedr
Hey All,

So on the weekend I did the first reveal of my bridge that I've been building over the last 6 months. Its still a long way from done but I wanted to show the progress so far.
Link to Some photos
I've built the light bars on either side of the main screen from the DMX guides here on the forums. The consoles were custom built from scratch using a keyboard controller and lots of wiring. We used lenovo X220 tablets for Engineering and Science and Nexus 7 for coms. I know the pictures are a little rough and I'll take some more at my next games night that should be a little clearer.

If anyone has any questions I'm more than happy to answer them.

And I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and questions answered.

-Chief Engineer TheDr
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Charlie said Jun 13, 2013 14:39:12
Nice work!!!
badgeguy said Jun 13, 2013 22:41:27
I love the vertical lights. I would gather that you are using RGB LED strips. What are you using for the vertical supports that they are attached to though? It could be a useful method for me to go with my strips as well to remove the need for a projection screen to attach them to.

Creative use of touch screen laptops with the switches and button panel overlays as well. I look forward to pictures of your future progress.
Thedr said Jun 13, 2013 22:55:15
The lights are RGB strips mounted in U conduit. They slide into a piece of poly pipe at the bottom that is held up by brackets. There is a whole in the bottom of the pipe to allow the wires to come out. The brackets are attached to some scrap wood baseplates to hold them up. The whole thing was designed to be portable and collapsible. I'll post some more pictures of the light bars tonight when I get home from work.
badgeguy said Jun 14, 2013 01:08:18
How long are the U channels? I am using the same hardware with 48 inch channels. Additionally, yours look to be a good bit longer and opaque rather than translucent.
Thedr said Jun 14, 2013 06:30:14
They are 2m tall with the bottom 50cm sitting in a section of poly pipe, so the lights are only in the top 1.5m. They are also solid white with the intention being to throw the light at the wall not into the room.
martinvsamuelsson said Jun 14, 2013 15:11:43
Love the consoles, awesome idea!
JSpaced said Jun 16, 2013 16:45:00
Those consoles are very cool! Nice work Thedr!
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CalebMcGrath said Jul 03, 2013 09:26:12
Just a query on what the two buttons under map zoom on both consoles, and what are the two on the left side of the Helm station?
Thedr said Jul 03, 2013 09:29:50
The buttons on the helm are ALL STOP (big red button) and reverse.

Under zoom is shields on/off.
CalebMcGrath said Jul 11, 2013 03:41:57
Fantastic. I'm starting to put together Helm and Weapons consoles, maybe Engineering later on. What panel gap would be best to accommodate different screen sizes? What I mean is I want the framing to be capable of being attached to whatever laptop/desktop display is being used for that purpose and would like to have something to suit whatever is brought along to the game, whether that be a modular piece that can adjust or a fixed unit that is large enough to house most screens without having to many gaps.
Jim Johnson said Jul 12, 2013 03:27:04
That is entirely cool - I really need to look at making some of those consoles!

@CalebMcGrath - instead of making the panel to surround the screen, what about making one that sits on the tabletop in front of it? That way you can use it with any size monitor. It would be smaller, and thus, more portable.
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