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Forcing a ship choice at the start of a mission?

posted Jun 08, 2013 20:08:02 by DanHoward
Is there anyway to force the Player ship type at the start of a mission?

Ie, force them to fly a Scout or Cruiser type?
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Mike_Substelny said Jun 10, 2013 22:45:40
I know of no way to force the ship type.

Nevertheless, you can abort the mission if they choose a ship you did not intend. Each player ship type has its own torpedo loadout, so at the beginning of the mission you could check the number of homing, mine, ECM, and nuke torpedoes in storage. If the number doesn't match the ship you want them to play, put a big_message on the screen and end the mission.
"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
TravisHead said Jun 19, 2013 00:54:59
This would be a great feature for a future version.
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