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Game Modes...

posted Jun 07, 2013 05:13:41 by DaveWightman
I believe v2.0 is bringing in support for some ship-to-ship stuff, but the idea of having other game modes or game ideas being added in is also appealing. Right now the game mode is basically a free-for-all kill-fest, but having other game modes with different objective modes could be pretty cool.

Where you need to retrieve something from an armed enemy basis and return it to your armed base could be interesting. Maybe the Kralien's stole the technical readouts for a TSN battlestation or something :p In modern FPS games capture the flags typically feature infinite respawns and so on, although I feel this isn't a good fit for Artemis. I think the idea of coordinating destroyers to defend your base and then trying to sneak your ship in close would be a lot more interesting. Respawns or starbase production of destroyers may help. I imagine this as a PVP or player vs AI mode.

Sometimes these are called King of the Hill, but if you just needed to hold specific regions of space for a while. Another alternative is to have star bases that can be captured if a certain circumstance is met (perhaps you get a transport to dock with them). Once your team owns a star base you can use it to recharge and rearm. Although PVP of this would be cool, I think playing with six united player ships against a difficulty level 11 swarm of AI vessels would be cool too :p

Any other ideas?
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