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posted Jun 06, 2013 04:59:57 by LeonardMendoza
I am new and dying to play. Can someone help me? I have it on iOS and I can be reached by Narddog113 on Twitter or on Apple ID. Email is
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NecessaryWeevil said Jun 06, 2013 06:41:11

Are you looking to play online?

Check out the Friday Night Flights,Saturday Night Flights and Sunday Night Flights threads. The information for the TeamSpeak server is there. I'm quite new myself but I've found you can often find someone on the teamspeak server at the times indicated in those threads.

Good luck!
xavierwise.tsn said Jun 06, 2013 19:37:43
I play online regularly and new players are always welcome. There are regular games each weekend on the Artemis Teamspeak server.

Password: Artemis1

People use the Friday Night Flights thread, Saturday Night Flights thread, Sunday Night Flights thread and Game On? thread to say when they are online and organise games. These are casual games and anyone is welcome to come along and play.

I also run an RP community that you are welcome to join. We follow standard procedures and protocols, have a full rank structure and promotions, train together, and play in role as Officers of the TSN. All the details can be found on the wiki. The RP group runs every Saturday night for about 3 hours, from 8:30pm UTC onwards. Full details of the RP community can be found in the RP Community Handbook, created for new members and current players of the community.
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