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Dialogue trees.

posted Jun 01, 2013 00:26:07 by Billy R
Has anyone tried a dialogue tree? Has anyone been successful? I've always wanted to make a mission in which the comms station played an important part. Something to the effect of an alien species that won't be hostile if you can figure out their language and speak to them intelligibly.

But I'm no programmer, I don't even play one on tv. And every time I've tried something like this, it's been a complete clusterf... hug? Has anyone with more talent in this area had any more luck than I have?
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xavierwise.tsn said Jun 01, 2013 11:04:04
It is probably possible, although without giving it a go, I am not certain. Using key strokes from Comms and variables, you sould be able to create a dialogue tree that simulates some kind of two way conversation. All the responses from comms wold have to be predefined, but could range from simple "hit Y to say Yes, hit N to say No" to "x = are you kidding?!, z = I think that is a great plan, c = let me think it over for a while" The idea does remind me of some games like that, usually mystery games, where you have to ask the right questions to get the information. To be able to script one of these in Artemis, you would first need a very clear and detailed plan of the dialogue tree. It would also take a lot of scripting code I imagine.

Recently, I worked on some code that allowed comms to get status reports from around the ship. A pop-up would announce new information, then comms could hit a key and call up the report (z called up a report from engineering, x was from the senor arrays and c was from "operations") Once you had the report, if you hit the key again, you would get another message of "nothing to report at this time" rather than the same report over. It took quite a few scripted events to get it sorted, and I only made a couple of update messages from each area. In a way, it is a similar idea and it did take a decent amount of scripting work to complete. I did try to link it with the mission though, so reports could only be accessed at certain points or for a certain amount of time (if you neglected keep checking for new reports, you could miss it altogether).
XHawk87 said Jun 01, 2013 23:33:30
Another way to approach it would be to script different potential results of a dialogue onto different GM keys, then the GM would be able to RP the dialogue with the crew and then trigger an appropriate outcome.
Mike_Substelny said Jun 02, 2013 02:07:15
Xavierwise and XHawk have described the only two ways that dialog trees are possible in the current Artemis. Sadly, if you want Comms to be able to choose who should receive a message then you need a lot more keystrokes.
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JSpaced said Jun 07, 2013 09:18:34
I implemented a keystroke comms chat system in a recent attempt at a Star Trek Mission. To be honest I could only be bothered to write 50/50 options. It worked. Although our COMMS officer tried to be diplomatic to a Jem Hadar carrier and we got a whuppin' for it!
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