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V2.0 civilian ships: The Luxury Cruise Liner

posted May 30, 2013 16:07:28 by ThomRobertson
I've gotten 4 new civilian ship models for the V2.0 of Artemis; the cruise liner, the science vessel, the transport, and the cargo vessel. These civvy ships will make each game more complex and interesting (hopefully).

But in the existing version of Artemis, "neutral" ships are bone stupid, and (unless ordered otherwise) proceed in a straight line to the edge of the map. So I'm hoping YOU can suggest missions, behaviors, and situations that you would like to see for these ships.

This week, let's look at the Luxury Cruise Liner.

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DaveWightman said Jun 07, 2013 05:05:41
1.) Maybe it is loaded with Diplomats and you could assist them somehow to reach an understanding of some sort. Maybe an enemy ship is running off with a [special] that belongs to a specific species and you need to identify the correct ship (go Science!), chase down it down, and then barter for it back or make them surrender. If you succeed maybe that species will stop attacking or join your side, if you fail... perhaps they call for backup.

2.) Maybe it belongs entirely to a different species and you could go evil and open fire on it to soften it up and then do some sort of hostage negotiation with the enemy civilians.

3.) They probably have lots of money on board that ship, maybe they attact bandits. Conversely maybe you could turn a blind eye to some banditry in return for some help.

4.) Maybe they have friends in high places. It's possible a Star Base might be keen on helping you if you didn't handle a civilian ship well. Related to this: I know there isn't a concept of a neutral star base in the game, but neutral star bases to handle civilian ship traffic and having them do their own thing could be interesting. Maybe doing some good things for the civilians could get it so that they'd support you (and conversely, maybe the neutral star base could join the enemy as well).

5.) If one was destroyed maybe rescuing their escape pods would be a big deal.

I think the most important thing with all of these new civilian ships is that they could really have their own agenda/game/whatever they are doing, and you just happen to be interesecting it with a military conflict in the same area. Forging alliances or try to evacuate people or trying to not interfere in any way - managing these could be a very interesting thing. It also stands to be a very good way of getting the Comms officer more involved in the ship's macro strategy, which in my opinion is an area that could grow.
JeffreyWood said Jun 10, 2013 18:42:06
1. If a Liner is attacked, it heads for the nearest starbase at warp speed...potentially kiting the space monster along

2. If a Liner is destroyed, the starbases will be closed for docking for several minutes in mourning of the VIPs aboard. Or refuse to rearm the Artemis for its callousness in letting the civilians die they were supposed to be defending.

3. They are attracted to big showy explosions and other fun stuff to see. They will set and change course to any 'visible' (whatever visible means for all the weapons) event, until the comm officer advises them to change course to safety...until the next showy sight is seen. That'll keep the comms hopping.
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