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Trivial local network configuration would be nice

posted May 30, 2013 23:59:06 by kurt
It would be nice if Artemis supported zeroconf/bonjour for local game discovery.
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Docteh said Jul 01, 2013 23:05:32
autoconfiguration is great until it doesn't work.

If IP addresses are deemed too complicated, obfuscate them into 32bit numbers so that is 3232235727 and refer to them as the ship prefix code. Bam, its now not a hassle but part of the game!
badgeguy said Jul 02, 2013 18:06:39

Thank you for the suggestion of trivial local network configuration. As a fellow player of the game, it is good to know that people are passionate about the game and wish to see it succeed, in both recommendations for features and their desire to see the game be the best that it can be.

To that end, the people you are conversing with in this forum are other players of the game, like yourself, and do not necessary have direct involvement in the decision making as to what features do and do not make it into the final product. Just as in life, not everyone sees the game in the same way, and have different desires for the final product. The only person's opinion that has a direct and real result upon the final outcome of the game is Thom Robertson. He is open to suggestions, and you have made one that could simplify a portion of the end user experience. It is ultimately up to him as to whether this feature is something that he wishes take the time to implement.

I might recommend that until Thom (or Mike on Thom's behalf) personally responds to this suggestion, arguing your point, beyond what you have already, to those who do not have control over the situation, is not constructive and may impart a message that you are demanding that it be implemented. Please understand that I am not asking you to recant you suggestion as it has merit and should be considered, but, attempting to sway the opinions of others not involved in the process only creates an air of futile conflict ("Yes it is!", "No, it isn't!") and creates frustration for all involved in the forums.

Perhaps we could wait to see what the results of Thom's labors are with 2.0, at which point we can begin the discussion again, if it is still relevant.
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