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The TSN RP Community Handbook

posted May 30, 2013 13:12:38 by xavierwise.tsn
As part of an update to the TSN RP Community, I have been working on an official RP Community Handbook. The Handbook aims to gathering all the information about the RP Community together into one complete reference document, creating a "members guide" to the RP community. The handbook has now been completed and released, and can be accessed on the wiki here.

Within the handbook is all the most up-to-date and official information about the RP Community. It includes details about joining the community and membership types, the structure of the community, how members communicate in and out of RP session, how an RP session runs, and how to go about scripting mission and campaigns for the community. There are quick links to other documents referenced in the Handbook, so that it is easy to find and access the information you need.

I do intend to add extra bits of content at a later date and as the RP Community grows further. If you spot any errors in the Handbook, or have any questions about its contents, then please contact me directly.

So, if you are a current member, or you are interesting in joining, check it out! It has everything you need to know. You are also welcome to browse through the community pages on the wiki, which can be found here.

Be a part of the TSN
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StephenFletcher said Jun 18, 2013 17:08:07
I’m very excited about this I’ve already emailed my application for Cadet Status in hopes to become a Tactical Officer and Printed off the manuals to so I can start studying.
JanxJelantru said Jul 02, 2013 20:18:24
Interesting concept. How's it working out right now? How many players in the overall group?

The requirements to become a captain seem a bit muddled with real world practicalities. To play the game, one needs a crew and a captain. A group of players may approach TSN-RP as a full crew with captain and not meet the RP experience requirements.

An alternative, might be to accept the complete crew, give them all low ranks (including the captain), and restrict them to a smaller ship. In real life, you're called a captain because you're in command of a ship, even if it is a tiny patrol boat. As the crew/players advance, promote and upgrade them to a bigger ship.

On the rules page, I read the disciplinary section. In real life, officers would be required to follow the chain of command. You report a problem to your superior officer. If he did not resolve it to your satisfaction, you tell him you are taking it up the chain to his SO and then you do so. There are no surprises downstream that the Ensign went to the Admiral as all lower commanding parties knew of the issue and knew it was raised up a level.

One of the things I was hoping to spot, as it could be fun for some RP is a big pile of SpaceCorps Directives* to be misquoted by the rules lawyer of the group.
*the TV show Red Dwarf has Rimmer quoting the wrong directive whenever he tries to get his way

xavierwise.tsn said Jul 02, 2013 22:14:04
The RP Community is steadily growing. There are currently 7 full officers who attend regularly. There is quite a large number of officer cadets (20+), most of which are "casual" players (the cannot attend regular gaming sessions) but there are at least 6 or 7 who do attend regularly. There are also a couple of civilian members who form a part of the group, but these are not regular attendees. At the moment, there is only one "official" ship, the rest are "academy" vessels. However, as more cadets are promoted, there will be more officers to form a crew for the second "official" ship. The second ship will be created when an officer is promoted to a command role (a rank of Commander). After that, when other officer reach a command rank, they will also be given an "official" ship to command. It isn't easy to get to a command role though!

In terms of RP, I think the term is a little misleading. The group wasn't set up for playing games where there are humourous characters or funny storylines, instead it was about becoming the best officer and member of a crew. I am thinking more "Starfleet" than "Red Dwarf". I wanted to play alongside people who took the game seriously, and wanted to create the best crews out there. Players who wanted to come up with the most effective and professional ways of working in a way, as if we were real TSN officers. That is what I set out to create with this RP community. Initially, it was to be just one crew, but the idea has expanded beyond that and we are working towards creating a whole division of ships. After that, perhaps multiple divisions.

I have had players want to join with higher ranks, going straight to positions of command, or take a higher rank because they have played longer. This is not something I have allowed from the very beginning and will be one principle that will never change in the community. Everyone has to learn the ways that we operate as officers in the RP community. There are high standards for all officers, and promotion is more than just being able to tick boxes or what level you and your crew have managed to defeat. Ask any higher ranking officers and they will tell you that to get there, they have to work hard. It makes the rank system very real; higher ranking officers are more experienced and capable individuals. They take on greater responsibilities in the community and act professionally during an RP session.

Captain is both a rank and a "title" given to those in charge of a ship. If you command a ship, you are a captain, that is your "title", and that is independant of rank. A Lieutenant can be a captain if they are in command of a ship. The rank of Captain is different though. To gain the rank of Captain in the RP community, you have to be involved in the development of the community too. You have to be committed to training the best officers and commanding the most effective ships. It isn't enough just to want to shout orders or be in-charge. You have to actually be an officer of the TSN, act like one, care about the TSN... everything.

In terms of disciplinary actions, these have not yet been fully devised. They were not included in the RP Community handbook. Of course, things such as abusive language towards other players would mean you would be asked to leave the community, such things would not be tolorated. However, RP focused disciplinary stuff hasn't yet had to be addressed. It is something that will come as the community continues to grow.
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