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iOS at school

posted May 29, 2013 07:41:58 by RyanDoble
Today me and two of my friends got together at school on our iPods. I was the only one who had any idea how to use it. Designated as captain, I told my weapons officer to load up a nuke and a type 1. (Light Cruiser) Our first flight ended as I told my helmsman to set a course for DS2. Upon reaching it I had no idea to dock. I ordered half impulse and to fly past it to see if that would dock us. We had no idea how to show the helmsman a view of the ship so I was navigating him(we also hadn't figured out how to switch the captains view) so I was distracted when my weapons officer asked how to launch missiles. As we neared the station we realised it wasn't going to dock. At that moment my weapons officer tapped the fire button sending a nuke to fly upwards into the space station destroying us in seconds. After this I reprimanded him. A short voyage but we got some expierience. We quickly realised how to switch captains view and our second mission went much better, however an unknown hit us doing some damage but we pressed on before happening across two ships.(no science officer so unknown type) I ordered our nuke fired at the front most ship, destroying both of them. Then we were recalled back to base (on a time limit). We had a great game and plan to play more tomorrow, this time hopefully with science and comms
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EricWethington said May 29, 2013 18:45:40
Helmsman had a "dock" button on mid-right side of screen. Must be withing 600km of a station for it to tractor beam you in. to undock just apply impulse power.
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