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iOS 1.702 update.

posted May 27, 2013 02:21:03 by ColeSmith
I've run into a problem with iOS Artemis and it's PC counter part don't play nicely when you'd like to host the server from a computer with a little more processing power; rather than, let's say an iPad. I was just wondering if anyone has an updater that updates the game to version 1.701 rather 1.702 on the PC? Or when iOS might see 1.702. Preferably the latter as it would be updated and in-step with it's older brother. Thanks for a great game and community!
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jere.krischel said May 27, 2013 21:15:36
Same problem here - I'd love to be able to downgrade to 1.701 on the PC side until 1.702 is pushed out to iOS!

Does anyone have an older version of the updater?
AdmlBaconStraps said May 28, 2013 02:34:34
If you mean the 'Server version mismatch' error that comes up, we get it too. Just ignore the error and the game appears to run fine.
jere.krischel said May 28, 2013 02:38:53
@AdmlBaconStraps: It seems that 1.701 server will allow 1.702 clients, but not vice versa. I'd like to run the server on the PC.
ColeSmith said May 30, 2013 00:54:37
Like @jere.krischel said, I would like to run the server on the PC and allow iOS Clients to connect to the server. But it will fail to connect because of the higher version.
ColeSmith said May 30, 2013 01:36:41
I actually managed to get iOS to connect to the PC. However it seems as though I cannot dock at any station among other bugs.
AdmlBaconStraps said May 30, 2013 08:49:45
That's how we run it. THere's always a PC running server and we connect a bunch of iPads to it via our wireless network..

Also, update your server - that's most likely your problem. There's an update file under the downloads section of this website.
ColeSmith said May 30, 2013 13:07:24
I have version 1.702, got it a little while ago. I was running the updated game, version 1.70200000..., with my iPad and iPhone connected to it. It gave me the "wrong server version" error but I went on and played anyways. But I could not dock, literally, to save my life.
AdmlBaconStraps said May 30, 2013 15:58:35
Sorry, I meant that more for Jere than you.. As long as the PC running server is 1.702 the current iOS and Android versions should work despite an error about mismatched server versions.

As for your fault with docking not working, afraid I can't be of much use there - more often than not our server/main screen is ALSO our helm station (dual monitor setups - TV as the mainscreen, the station off to one side) or there's a seperate PC running helm.

Is it an issue with the button itself not working? We often get weird glitches on the iPads that stop buttons from being recognised - 2nd torpedo tube, scan buttons, the 'coolant down' arror on engineering sometimes..

To put our setup in a more graphical way for you:

jere.krischel said May 30, 2013 16:06:00
@AdmlBaconStraps: PC server 1.702 and iOS 1.701 clients don't work properly. iOS server 1.701, with mixed iOS 1.701 clients and PC 1.702 clients works mostly, with perhaps a few odd glitches (say, in the Gamemaster screen where you can't actually drop things).

I'm assuming that a 1.701 PC server would work perfectly, but it still doesn't look like anyone has a copy of a 1.701 updater for the 1.700 full (maybe they never even released one and skipped that version on PC...idk).
AdmlBaconStraps said May 31, 2013 02:51:09
That's... Weird.
JSpaced said Jun 03, 2013 13:38:09
Yes, I think, if I recall correctly, 1.701 which addressed the ship renaming bug, amongst others, was iOS released only and PC went straight to 1.702. Oops.
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