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YHTK (You Have The Key) Profiles Anyone?

posted May 23, 2013 15:07:54 by mashiroikaze
Finally got a touchscreen monitor, and wondering if anyone has links to existing YHTK profiles for Artemis. Anyone care to share?
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MichaelMesich said May 23, 2013 15:13:05
Considering the screen is already touch-capable (mostly) I'm not sure what would be the advantage of creating a second touch-screen interface to do the same things.

I could see a little screen being used for engineering presets or something?
mashiroikaze said May 23, 2013 15:22:15
Personal preference in UI, particularly with regards to how different functions are laid out. Plus, if you are using something like the Artemis Extender (which unfortunately seems to need an update to restore some functionality), you can add in additional functions.

For something like the Captain's Screen, or Comms, or Science - yeah. Probably not much of an advantage. For Helm or Weapons, potentially a huge advantage.
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