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LHS Bikeshed disaster simulator

posted May 21, 2013 11:29:01 by Thedr
Some guys from the UK have built an amazing spaceship simulator that requires the repairs to be done by the crew. Looks cool but imagine a mix of this and Artemis.
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JamesDunnem said May 21, 2013 20:43:13
I love it!
Imagine replacing the engineer console with a maze of jefferies tubes and plasma conduits for the engineer to navigate to re-route power and make repairs.
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TomWyatt said May 28, 2013 10:46:41
ha! i was just coming on here to post about this, I wrote all the code for it :)

james: thats coming :) we already have one conduit that needs to be repaired but I plan more.

charlesyarnold said May 28, 2013 10:56:24
Yup, we chose not to use artemis for when we take it to places like makerfaire as we need a fast throughput of players, the system Tom wrote has a short learning curve.

That said we do want to have a few games of artemis in it too!
Thedr said May 29, 2013 11:33:13
Thats awesome. This has been running through my mind for the last couple of days. Thinking of ways to have an arduino read dmx signal(when damage is detected) and randomly shutdown a consoles keyboard/mouse. They stay shutdown until the repairs are done to the console (connect wires in the correct order to be detected by the arduino) and control is restored to the console.

Perhaps just a pipe dream at the moment, but I'm keen to hear other peoples ideas on incorporating this type of setup into Artemis.
StephenFletcher said Jun 18, 2013 16:09:50
Thats Epic check this out i just found this on google+

Thedr said Jun 19, 2013 00:20:21
That's interesting, seems like most of the stuff they have done with it can already be done via dmx though. It will be interesting to see if they can add any extra features.
TomWyatt said Jun 28, 2013 07:52:15
omg someones using my proxy tools, this gives me a big happy :D

Thedr: I spent a while thinking about stuff like that and in the end its why i wrote the oscartemis tool :) I even went as far as wiring an optoisolator to the power button on a monitor so we could control it with an arduino, which worked quite well.

TomWyatt said Jul 03, 2013 14:05:33
if anyones interested in seeing this and is in London this weekend we're displaying this at the Elephant and Castle Makerfaire ( and will be taking crew signups all day :)
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