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Looking to play in the Sac, CA area, or online

posted May 20, 2013 02:25:45 by nick.andrade.ii
New to the game, but very interested in playing with some friendly folks.
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Charlie said May 20, 2013 21:23:31
Nick, join us anytime.

Hangin out at the moment

Couple of us hangin out...


Password: Artemis
xavierwise.tsn said May 20, 2013 21:24:26
Join us online! There are regular players taking part on a Saturday night. Check out the thread "Saturday Night Flights". There are other nights that people play online, but the most popular night is Saturday. We are all friendly, happy to give advice and guidence, and love playing on a regular basis. We have a range of experience, from those who have played once or twice to those that are extremely skilled and experienced. The whole thing is fairly informal and easy going.

I also run an RP community that plays every Saturday (follow the links below for more details). You are welcome to join and become a member of the TSN! We go for a more "serious" spin; there is a proper rank system, with promotions based on actual experience and expertise; regular training to improve our skills; operational procedures and protocols; assignments to crews and much more. We welcome all new players who want to take part in the RP, and only request that you play "in character" as best you can!
nick.andrade.ii said May 21, 2013 00:34:26
Charlie, I tried to connect to your teamspeak server but the password wasn't accepted.

Xavier, that does look very interesting I will definitely look into those links as soon as I get the chance to give them my full attention.
JamesBailey said May 30, 2013 20:34:44
I just came back from Gamex (Stragicon) in L.A. and was introduced to Artemis and loved it. I played about 10 missions straight. I also live in Sacramento, and would love to try to get a crew together. I just saw another post esle where from someone else who wants to try to get a crew together, so maybe we can get 5 or 6! Emailing me might be the best way if I do not respond here. I live in the S. Natomas area, but I can travel within the Gr Sac area. I would even like to pitch in for some gear (over time) so we might be able to get the lighting etc that is needed for an actual bridge simulation. Let me know!
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