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Insane in the Membrane

posted May 20, 2013 06:51:39 by Charlie
Capt Insane, joined in tonight. I thought I heard the crack of a whip and music, like a lone cowboy in an old western...ching, ching, ching as he eases his way to put the hurtin' on some trouble makers that just mozied into town.
Well ok, ok I'm exaggerating a tiny bit but Capt Insane say'd he was a seasoned level 10 playa' and a mission sounded fun so with a good sound crew to back him up he took the Artemis and responded to the mission "Something Torgoth This Way Comes". A rough mission to be sure even on level 1 but quickly it was obvious that Insane was strategic and acted well under pressure. I will admit the mission success hung buy a thread at a couple different moments, I was sweatin' as the engineer and finally "BABAMM!!!"... down went the final ship.
Must admit it was one of the best battles I've yet seen, great to see such skill sets under pressure. It felt good to survive this one. Thx to all involved.

Chas (this missions engineer)
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