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Using Light-o-Rama controllers with Artemis

posted May 19, 2013 00:18:54 by RussellAlbrightII
Okay I am really new to Artemis, played a game last night with a bunch of friends and was hooked (we all were). They then told me to figure out a way so that we can interface lighting for different conditions into the game. Well at the time, I didn't know DMX was already working with Artemis. I have several Light O Rama controllers (for christmas display) that also apparently function as DMX controllers however I am having trouble getting them to work. They hook up to the computer via a USB-RS486 converter that uses FTD for its communication which then converts the signal to CAT5 cables which go to a controller. I have the first controller setup as controller 1 so that means all devices on it should revert to DMX when a DMX network is present And should be present as channels 1-16. I have 2 lights plugged in to channel 1 and channel 2. I changed the DMXCommands.xml file to reference to channels 0 and 1 for normal operation and red alert only (for the time being).

SO I start the server and then start a client session of Artemis with all screens selected. But for some reason none of the lights turn on. Am I doing something wrong, will the Light O Rama controllers not work with Artemis?
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ZacharyDanielBringham said May 20, 2013 15:21:14
This isn't really the correct forum for this question. Check out the Hardware and LBE Construction Forum for DMX help.
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