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posted May 17, 2013 18:38:22 by DaveWightman
Firing a missile is very easy in this game. Should there be some concept of acquiring a lock added to make it a little bit harder for both your weapons officer and enemy ships? The idea of being able to jam or evade a missile lock is interesting to me, and could do some interesting things for making their use a little more strategic. Perhaps once a lock was acquired you would only have a window of a few seconds to fire before the enemy would start evading or jamming you, increasing the chance of the missile hitting something else or missing, and conversely, maybe your helmsman (evasion) or science officer (jamming) could do something to resist a weapon lock. Right now a Helmsmen can try flying through asteroids, but that's about it.

Also: The idea of remote detonating missiles is also something that seems appealing. Occasionally with a warhead you may want to detonate it early (more optimal Nuke damage spread, or perhaps your warhead is heading towards the wrong target).
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Charlie said May 19, 2013 18:16:54
All good ideas... This is one I posted a while back
Charlie said May 19, 2013 18:36:33
Honestly the missiles are not much more than a mild nuisance. Don't get me wrong I like them in the game, my teams easily shoot them down or I boost shield to repel them. To think about it it would be cool if enemies had ECMs which science detecting that would be important. It would take down 1/2 the shield even if the shield was boosted (I think) necessitating it's importance of being taken out with the beams.
Not sure whats coming but I think there are some missile changes in the works.

Only one person would do this...
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stonefish said Jun 17, 2013 08:08:34
I got into a few games of this the other night. The way it went down, basically everyone discovered that nukes are really really powerful and combat degenerated into "fly to 5km range, fire nuke, retarget, fire nukes until depleted, retreat to starbase for more nukes"

We ran out after a while, but they didn't mind, they just suicide-rammed the enemy fleets and started the game again with more nukes.
ShaneMcLafferty said Jun 17, 2013 23:18:01
I think communications could have the ability to jam enemy transmissions (requesting help would be disabled) as well as jam missile guidance sensors, even causing the missile or nuke to self-detonate early, or even redirect the missile back. Also maybe scramble mines. However any jamming or scrambling from communications should use a bit of energy and have a recharge delay. Or there could be some type of ammo for comms, "Cryto-Chips" or something which can restocked at the stations for comms high intensity actions. It would give comms more to do.

Also thinking more about comms, there could be a additional ability to perhaps "hack" enemy ships, it would be like science does, but it would display the enemy's weapon load outs, status and everything else about them.

I think addition of a "Yellow" Alert would be a nice touch for special situations. Also Red Alert should have some small type of benefit to the ship, like Def-Con teams move faster.

Just tossin stuff out there.
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