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Questions on Client Defaults in 1.702

posted May 14, 2013 16:27:56 by ericksoninmotion
Okay so the artemis.ini for client configuration...

; SETTING: clientSide
; USE: forces this client to be associated with a specific ship
; ACCEPTABLE: 1 to 6, 1 = the artemis, the single-player ship

; SETTING: clientHelm, clientWeapon, clientEngineer, clientScience, clientComms
; USE: forces this client to be associated ONLY with one or more bridge stations
; ACCEPTABLE: 1 = yes, otherwise no

; SETTING: forceAddress
; USE: when set, this address will always be used on the client connection screen
; ACCEPTABLE: any valid IPaddress or URL; just like what you type to connect to the server


If I read the instructions correctly.
This should default to my server on ship 1 and only allow helm as a selected ship station.

It does set the server address, though you can still change it.
Its hard to say if ship 1 is being targeted directly, as it was always defaulted, but you can still change to other ships.
And there seems to be no selection of the station.

Do not know if this is an error with me or the ini file not being read.

What I really want is to launch the application, have it auto connect to the server as a client, remove all options that are not used, ie boot and select helm without user input and be "ready" for the server to start the game.

Also is there a clientCaptain or clientGameMaster flag?

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