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2 Rounds BvB

posted May 13, 2013 05:52:07 by Charlie
Capt FutileChas/Hallboy on Artemis vs. Lone Gunman/Link on Intrepid

1st Round: Victory Intrepid

2nd Round: Victory Artemis

We used only LRS for science so beyond range of tactical it was a desperate search to spot the opposing ship as we evaded through nebulas. Two intense battles! You know your attack hit it's mark, then the other ship books off. You know there hurt but they hit you too, do you pursue? Our last chase we knew the Intrepid was in need of spacedock after we hit them with 2 mines. We where not going to give them much breathing room. We both paused for about 6 or 8 seconds in the middle of the map as I had them just on the edge of my tactical. They booked for their base, we where right behind they managed to dock briefly as we came in too fast and I nailed an asteroid on my approach. Front shield down the Intrepid pulled off its base not realizing how bad we where hurt I quickly docked at the Intrepid station, in came the Intrepid and with two mines deployed we hit our mark as the Intrepid disappeared off the map.
With a victory for each ship, great way to end the night. Until next time!!!
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