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What's the right way to do audio?

posted May 07, 2013 13:06:17 by stonefish
I don't mean VoIP style audio. I just mean the regular beeps and bangs that the game makes. You need six computers for a full bridge, and at my LAN the rule is always "don't bring speakers, bring headphones". Obviously, that'll make it a bit hard to listen to the Captain who's right in front of you.
But is the ideal method having six sets of speakers in close proximity? Do the various stations provide overlapping audio? Do you wind up with a cacophony of imperfectly synced noises from each console, or does each one only provide audio specific to its task? Does the "main viewscreen" have its own unique set as well? How about the Captains map or GM station?

There's only so much I can figure out from experimentation with having multiple instances open on one machine :)
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LairdNickPark said May 07, 2013 21:02:48
I prefer the cacophony as it adds to the ambience of the whole experience. This is NOT geek game where one sits in his bedroom all alone. lol
however, your question has given me a truly cool idea... Different sounds for each console...
atremis/data/ui4 to 8 and 82 could be changed for each station, no?
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lucas99801 said May 08, 2013 00:40:43
you will not get any duplicated sounds except maybe on science/captain's map from my experience.

Also, if you go to the options menu once in game there are sliders you can adjust for Game/Music/Comm levels.
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LairdNickPark said May 08, 2013 11:08:56
I was thinking of creating or finding new sounds and then putting them into a stations "atremis/data/" dossier and calling them ui4 to 8 and 82. thet're all wav files
ErikBergman said May 08, 2013 19:53:55
LawsonThompson said May 11, 2013 02:28:01
Each station should have its own speakers on. The main screen/server is the only one which runs incidental music once the game starts.

And if the main screen has a subwoofer and is running the ambient bridge noise from Star Trek TNG, so much the better!
jpwhitfo said May 20, 2013 19:10:53
Had a great game for a friends B-Day this past weekend. We had a projected main screen, 2 laptops and 3 iPads. At one point, everything in the room got a little quiet... The ambient sound was AMAZING! Very immersive. Beeps and chirps coming from different areas of the room, and the low rumble of the ship. (He has a great sound system with awesome bass) It also helps that the server was running a loop from ST: TOS - basic bridge sounds. There was no overlap of sounds so I think only the main screen has the main ship sound.
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