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Trying to get DMX working on Wine

posted May 04, 2013 20:07:07 by ethan.dicks
I have a DMX setup working with a Windows server and I have an Ubuntu laptop working with Wine as either a client or a server. What I don't have working is the DMX rig on the Ubuntu laptop as a server. I know that the application opens the DMX dongle directly as an FTDI device, but the part I don't know is what the USB tree needs to look like to a Windows/Wine app so that the open succeeds.

Has anyone gotten DMX working with Wine?
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ethan.dicks said May 14, 2013 19:34:09
The short answer is "won't work" - Wine considers itself a software-only Windows environment and does not "support hardware" (specifically, Windows device driver installs won't work, and in this case, the USB tree is entirely unpopulated so there's no "device" for Artemis under Wine to open). There is apparently experimental work in this area, but it's not mainstream yet.

Other DMX interfaces could be made to work - specifically, buffered interfaces like the Enttec USB Pro - those present a serial device (COMn: or /dev/ttyUSBX) and _that_ is supported under Wine with a simlink from the real device in /dev to a specific Wine directory (so USB serial dongles and some webcams work under Wine), but that would require changes to Artemis to support multiple DMX interface types.
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