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Artemis Mission Scripting 101 for 1.702

posted May 01, 2013 17:57:13 by michael
Hello Artemis Fans!
I have posted all three parts of a three part tutorial for Artemis Mission Scripting!
Characters - Artemis Mission Scripting 101
Events – Artemis Mission Scripting 101
Timing - Artemis Mission Scripting 101
I've kept these simple, just for beginners, and hope to add more advanced topics in the future!
I hope these are of help!
Michael Sweeney

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lucas99801 said May 01, 2013 22:21:37
Nice tutorials! I like that you're doing it with RAW XML rather than using the editor.

Once I build my new computer I may actually put together a similar set of video tutorials using the mission editor (or RussJudges MissionStudio if it's beginner friendly).
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michael said May 01, 2013 23:35:08
Much thanks! Part three will be about Timing, using timers to pester and keep track of things. I'll be replacing awkward elements in tutorial 2 with timers so the mission flows more smoothly.
I hope to have a part four that pulls it altogether with audio for a proper mission.
I have a more advanced mission "SS AJAX - Milk Run" deep in final play testing that should be done soon, and another in the layout phase for a rescue concept I have not yet seen done.
RussJudge said May 09, 2013 20:44:18
The Mission Studio isn't quite beginner friendly, yet. I've been struggling finding time to add a spacemap to it--once I do, it will be very beginner friendly. I'm close--but I need about eight hours of uninterrupted time to hash through it--time that now that spring is here, I can't find. Got all the pieces pretty much there--just have some details to work out with unnamed items such as asteroids and mines, plus a shortlist of other minor details to work out. Once I get this finished, I'll release my source code for others to play around with and improve upon. I'm almost of a mind to go ahead and release the source code now, but it might be rough to pick up on the spacemap where I left off at this point. I'll have plenty of time come November--but that's too far away. I keep saying, maybe this weekend I'll have some time...
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lucas99801 said May 09, 2013 22:44:04
Understandable Russ. If I were any sort of a real programmer I'd help out. But alas I never did delves into it deep enough to learn anything substantial in terms of application development.
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matt.schillinger said May 21, 2013 14:17:57
Just curious. Is the third tutorial on timers is soon to be released?
michael said May 26, 2013 20:27:35
Sorry, I had the tutorial write up done, but keep getting a strange glitch in the XML file itself during play testing at the same point. I spent hours going over and over it today, one of the dubious joys of mission writing and it either ends the mission to soon or Artemis crashes altogether. I'll post it as soon as I get it worked out.
matt.schillinger said May 28, 2013 21:12:27
By chance will the timer write-up include client key usage?

michael said May 30, 2013 18:49:11
The third part has been posted.

Timing – Artemis Mission Scripting 101

@Matt, sorry, this round I am just keeping it simple. That was a challenge by itself. I had to rescript the game over conditions, as I found the if_object_property comparator for the player ship's energy wasn't reliable.
I have the two missions I am still working on, and once the first one is done I'll come back for another tutorial.
Thanks for your interest. I'll look at the client key usage.
matt.schillinger said May 30, 2013 19:14:44
No worries. Much appreciated! :)

These are great resources for the community.
matt.schillinger said Jun 03, 2013 16:11:11
I am also having problems with if_object_property (like you stated earlier).

I can't get the condition to trigger when the shieldFrontState of an enemy ship is below 30.
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matt.schillinger said Jun 10, 2013 17:36:53
I also linked your tutorials into the 'Mission Scripting' page. Thanks again Michael, and let us know if you produce any more of these finely crafted howtos!
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