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These would be awesome for duty stations

posted Apr 30, 2013 08:50:34 by Brian_B
Wow, I wish I had the money right now, but imagine using these for duty stations... Obutto Cockpit Desks

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LairdNickPark said May 02, 2013 20:11:56
They look much better than half a dozen dining chairs and people fighting for space on the table and sideboard!
Seriously, theyre great! but they cost too much for me :(
Brian_B said May 02, 2013 23:13:59
Yeah, the big problem is even for the cheaper one, they use an actual car grade racing chair. It'd be nice if they offered a little bit cheaper version without such a heavy duty chair. I plan to get at least one at some point for Star Citizen / Squadron 42 anyway but I wish I could afford to have enough for all duty stations...
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