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Helm controller with old joystick

posted Apr 28, 2013 16:44:00 by LairdNickPark
Here's a build with an old serial joystick I changed to do the helm.
I used an old usb keyboard for the interface and loads of buttons and the original switches. The wiring had to all be re-done.

The axis controls were resistive so I put 5k6 resistors in parallel with the pots and they worked to create a small enough resistance to be detected like a switch.

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martinvsamuelsson said Apr 29, 2013 19:07:22
Awesome build man, the small pushbuttons look great and at home on that base.
ericksoninmotion said May 05, 2013 17:47:55
I am using an old 8 button joystick, Microsoft "sidewinder joystick". Then installed Joy2Key to convert button clicks to key strokes. No extra wiring required.

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