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Artemis 3D Printable model

posted Apr 23, 2013 15:03:27 by simon.hibbs
I was having a look through Sculpteo, a commercial 3D printing service when I came across this 3D printable Artemis model.
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rick.mccaskill said Apr 26, 2013 20:32:27
I'd love to have this model. I have 3D printer and it would be great to have one of these as the 'Trophy' for VIP or something on Artemis night.

Does anyone have a similar model to share?

MarkBell said Apr 27, 2013 01:02:09
If you've got DeledCE, you can export the Artemis game models (.dxs) in the .obj format. It is a pretty standard format and can convert to .stl with any of at least half a dozen free programs, along with most paid ones.
TreChipman said Apr 27, 2013 07:10:28
I have a Thingmaker file for the Artemis I did a few months back here, Rick. I haven't tested it out yet (I don't have a 3D Printer yet-- I'm totally failing in my goal of keeping up with the Jetsons), but it should work.
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