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April 6th

posted Apr 19, 2013 04:26:37 by TaigiaReilly
With the Captain back from his shore leave things were more normal this week. Sadly we had a reduced crew but it was some of the best of us so it evened out. On deck we had Capt. Jim Grindrod, Cmdr. William Feil, and Lt. Cmdr Jesse Patrick Ray.

For this voyage we had a meal of smoked sausage with a pepper salad. Good stuff!

With each of the officers having both a laptop/desktop and a table device it was decided that we would each command our own ships and use the multiple console set up.

The first tour of duty saw Jesse in a favorite vessel of his, the UES Stalliongrad, a warp driven Missile boat. Jim took over a warp Battleship, the UES Phoebe. And Will launched in a warp Battleship, the UES Blaze.
Jesse started things off with a bang, confronting a Skaaran and a Kralien fleet that were converging on DS1, salvos of ECMs and Mk.IV nukes taking care of the would be attackers. As this was going on Jim was staving off an attack on DS3, first destroying a Skaaran before two fleets arrived. Jesse came to assist and together they destroyed the fleets. Will would finish the last of the alien menace, a Skaaran with a Kralien fleet at DS2.

One engagement finished, it was time for another. Some ship changes were in order. Will elected to take the Dreadnought UES Gamer Molly, complete with warp drive. Jesse was in one of his personal vessels, a warp Battleship, the UES Rivet. Jim took command of the UES Shiatsu, a warp Battleship.

Before the fighting even started the Shiatsu had taken damage. When Jim's ship arrived in the sector an asteroid came out of no where and did a lot of damage to his unshielded vessel. This made him make for DS1 for repairs. It ended up working out because while docked a pair of Skaarans made a run on the station. Jim undocked and destroyed them with nuclear fury. Two fleets of Kraliens were on the tail of the Skaarans and they net there end to combined ECM and energy weapons. As this was going on Will's Gamer Molly and Jeese's Rivet closed in on a large fleet. Jesse went in first, drawing the attention of the task force before taking a position to their port side. Will followed and was opposite Jesse with Gamer Molly to the columns starboard side. They fired an ECM and nuke into the group, destroying almost all of them. The survivors were dealt with with energy weapons. Will discovered an anomaly that let him stay in the fight. He fought one last group while Jesse went back to a station to recharge. Jim tried to help but hit a mine in a nebula and was seriously damaged.

The third sortie saw the officers changing ships once more. Jesse stayed in his UES Rivet. Will requisitioned the warp Missile boat, UES Dinky. Jim was looking for speed in a warp scout, the UES Snowflake.
Things started poorly for the Rivet. Their was a malfunction and one of the torpedo tubes was jammed. Jesse was forced to only have one operating torpedo launcher. Jim scouted the enemy in Snowflake at high warp speed and did two missions. Will used Dinky's ECMs and nukes to destroy anything in his path and Jesse did much of the same but with Rivets four forward energy weapons.

The fourth outing saw everyone change ships. Will was in the warp Light Cruiser, the UES Stunt Pony. Jim took a warp Light Cruiser of his own, the UES Hazelnut Java. Jesse was in the warp Missile boat, UES Lyra.
The event began with Jesse dueling with a Skaaran ship attacking DS3. He was trying to use Lyra's four torpedo tubes to great effect with ECMs and homings but just as he was about to destroy the Skaaran it disappeared until reappearing with more shields. It wasn't until Will took the Stunt Pony to DS3 that the Skaaran ship finally met its end. While this was going on Jim was engaging his own Skaaran at DS1. With DS3 secured Will left to go assist the Hazelnut Java. The fight was going no where with another Skaaran appearing. Will got sick of the Skaarans and after checking on Hazelnut Java's shield strength nuked the nearest Skaaran ship. This attack destroyed the enemy ship and heavily damaged the other ship as well as Jim's Hazelnut Java and Will's Stunt Pony. The damaged Skaaran didn't last much longer and the two UES ships docked at DS1 to repair.
Stunt Pony and Lyra attacked two fleets while Hazelnut Java defended DS1 from a Kralien fleet that arrived. Out of the two fleets came fighter craft which Will drew away leaving Jesse to nuke the collection of enemy ships from the front. The two fleets gone attention returned to Jim who was fighting off a Torgoth Behemoth, the last ship in the sector. The three UES ships engaged the Torgoths remaining capital ship which refused to surrender. It was finally taken down when after all the damage it had absorbed Will got on the comm and started shouting "mine. mine. Mine!" as he pushed his engines and tripled power to his energy weapons for the kill.

For the last mission of the night the ships changed one last time. Jim took his personal ship, the UES Nocturne, a warp Dreadnought. Jesse and Will stayed in the Lyra and Stunt Pony respectively.
Once more Jesse got us started, warping out to meet a Kralien fleet which he said 'hello' to with nuclear weapons. Once that group was destroyed he started looking for others. During this Jim' Nocturne moved to save a transport from an attacking Skaaran. He managed to destroy that one when a new Skaaran ship jumped in and engaged him. Nocturne defeated this Skaaran before fighting and eliminating a Kralien/Torgoth fleet. With all the damage that he'd done his Jim was running low on energy, missiles, and damcon teams. Jim docked with DS1 to restock. During all this Will's Stunt Pony had destroyed a Skaaran and rearmed. Jim then showed up to help Will against another Skaaran before going with Jesse to DS2. Together they nuked a small fleet. The last of the enemy ships were nuked by Lyra's many Mk4 torpedoes while Jim did a bombing run with his mines on the final fighters and carriers.
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Captain said Apr 19, 2013 11:56:12
To Mankind
And the hope that the war against folly may someday be won, after all

Isaac Asimov
TaigiaReilly said Apr 25, 2013 02:31:13
Our mascots

Out mascots and the Captain's iPad

Capt. Jim Grindrod(in hat), Cmdr. William Feil(in hat), Lt. Cmdr. Jesse Patrick Ray(no hat)
Mascots on tablet.
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TaigiaReilly said Apr 25, 2013 02:35:26
I think I have one of the best crews. And one of the most handsome. Ladies ^_~
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